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Gregg Watson
Brent Baver
Dave Culver
2017 Allstate Sugar Bowl
xxxxx (B1G) vs. xxx (SEC)
Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL
Attendance: xx,xxx (xx.x%)
(Brent Baver) : Pick: Alabama - right now I am worried about beating Clemson. If the Bucks do so, I think they hang with Bama but ultimately fall to a better team. So that is the most likely matchup I see, so I will say Bama over OSU in the title game. I would also pick Bama over Clemson, Ohio State over Washington, and Clemson over Washington (tied one) if those were the match ups.

(Cory Steger) : It hurts to put together a write up for the national championship game and not have Ohio State as part of it. I try my best to put together these predictions with only my head, and not my heart. That said, if we do end of seeing a rematch of Clemson and Alabama in the title game it's hard not to be excited about that. These are clearly two of the nation's elite programs right now, and it will be awesome to see if Clemson can finally climb the hill and topple the giant that is Alabama. The obvious story line here is Clemson's terrific offense against Alabama's amazing defense. So much NFL talent clashing together, how can you not get excited about that? DeShaun Watson's 15 interceptions are a concern, but he had that same exact amount last season so it's not like he suddenly regressed much. As for Alabama, I am going say something that likely nobody else has said about the Crimson Tide this season. I feel Alabama may be a bit overrated. Hold on, hold on - let me finish. The SEC was very weak this season. The two best teams Alabama played this season - LSU and Texas A&M - each finished with four losses. Yes, Alabama has a terrific defense but the offense has question marks and can be exploited. I see the Tigers keeping it close and pulling off some late-game Clemson magic like they have done many times already this season.   Clemson 42, Alabama 35

​(Gregg Watson) : Bama

(Josh Watson) : Ohio State vs Alabama. Ohio State deserved to be in the final four, but this is the reason why the committee picked them to a degree as well. Too many storylines to fit in a description, but the winner of the last two playoffs play to see who gets the edge. I would love this matchup and I like the Buckeyes. Both teams have coaches who have one foot out the door, but Fickell is more loyal to Buckeye Nation than Kiffin is to the Tide-faithful. I think our defense can slow down Alabama's offense, and it will be a matter of our passing game working to open up the run game. We did it before, and we can do it again with this young crop of talent. Ohio State wins in double OT in homage to the 2002 team.  Ohio State 31 - Alabama 24 (2OT)
(Mark Triffon) : Ohio

(Pat Steger) Ohio State vs. Bama. I have little confidence in our inept OC and his minion Beck.  Bama by 13

(Pete Quint) : Bama

(Rick DeSutter) : Ohio State

(Steven Smith) : If there is one coach that has Nick Saban’s number, it is Urban Meyer. Unfortunately, unlike the playoff matchup at the end of the 2014 season, the Buckeyes do not have superior talent. Our secondary is certainly on par or better than we were, but little else is at the same level. Our receivers are nowhere as good, the offensive line has not come together like we did in 2014. The defensive line is probably deeper, but still it is extremely young. Alabama has arguably the best D-line in the country and you know they’re going to key on our right side and see how long it takes to break Isaiah Prince’s will. More than ever, we will need a complete team effort to with the Championship. I like our defense against the Tide offense. I think our defense is much better than LSU’s and Alabama struggled to score 10 points on the Tigers. Overall, I think ‘Bama’s a better team, but I have to go with Urban continuing his ownership of Saban and the Tide.   Ohio State 34, Alabama 31

(Vaughn Broadnax) : xxxxx

Final Score:  Alabama ??   Clemson ?? 

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2016 Season Recap:  At the beginning of the year an 11-1 record and a trip to the playoffs would have been a season every Buckeye fan would have signed up for. After losing so many players to the draft in the off-season, Ohio State became the youngest team in the country.  Vegas had them as an eight win team and certainly road trips to Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State would make it a challenging year. Yet the one thing this team had going for it was an experienced signal-caller behind center.  JT Barrett did not have a perfect season, but more times than not he made the difference. The Buckeyes also enjoyed a 5th straight win over TBGUN. The only thing this season lacked was a trip to Indy for a chance to win the outright conference title. That will be long forgotten if the Bucks can win these next two weeks and win a second national championship in three years. Many of you have enjoyed our weekly picks throughout the season, and we enjoy providing these. It was very close again as it is every year, but Dave Culver pulled ahead in the last two weeks for the 2016 title.  Congratulations Dave.
2016 Bowl Picks:  Each year for fun we take a look at a sample of the bowl games (who really wants to look at the December 16th bowl games?).  Then some of us come back for one last round of prognostication. As we have done the past few years, we will take a look at the games involving the Big Ten schools, as well as the playoff games.  The top tier B1G teams have been on top the polls most of the year, now they will have a chance to prove it on a big stage. Brent, Cory, Pat, Pete, Mark, Josh, Rick, Steven and I join former OSU fullback Vaughn Broadnax for this bowl fun.
Foster Farms Bowl 
Indiana  vs.  (19)Utah
(Favorite: Utah  - 7 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Utah - I guess I am going against the Big Ten in most of these games; not sure how Indiana responds without Wilson, but I think Utah was the better team anyway

Cory:  As a fan, I like this matchup. As a Hoosier alumni, I hope this game doesn't turn ugly. Indiana is dealing with some adversity right now with the abrupt resignation of head coach Kevin Wilson amidst rumors of poor player treatment. Defensive coordinator Tom Allen, who is very popular with the players, was promoted straight to head coach so hopefully he can keep the Hoosiers rolling. That said, Utah is going to be a very tough opponent. Two of Utah's four losses came to the teams that played in the PAC 12 title game (Washington and Colorado), and we know just how well the Utes tend to play in bowl games. The homer in me wants to pick Indiana, but I think Utah will be too strong for the Hoosiers.   Utah 35, Indiana 21 
Gregg:  xxxxx 

Josh:  Seeing how Indiana lost their coach and in a weird in-between stage at the moment, I think Utah is going to attack this Hoosier team early before they get the chance to make a come back to win. Utah's defense slows down Indiana's run game.   Utah 28 - Indiana 24 

Dr. Mark:  Utah 38 31,   Indy has turmoil

PJSBuck:  Utah by 17.  The IU program is in shambles due largely to the fired coach (yeah, I know he "stepped down") 

Pia Pete:  Indiana 

Coach Rick:  Utah 

Steven:  No Kevin Wilson on the sidelines for Indiana; do the Hoosiers rally around Tom Allen? Can the new staff keep the offense clicking? I figure it is always safer to go with the team with the lack of turmoil.   Utes 33-28 

Vaughn:  Indiana plays without and offensive identity and loses to Utah 38- 17. 

​Final Score:  Utah ??   Indiana ??
                  (8-4)        (6-6)
Here are the Buckeye50 Bowl Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
Quick Lane Bowl
Maryland  @  Boston College
(Favorite: Maryland  - 1 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Boston College - Tossup game here; I am not high on Maryland and don't think they made the right hire with Durkin, but I hope I am wrong

Cory:  I've been very impressed by what Maryland has accomplished under first-year coach D.J. Durkin. Yes, the Terrapins struggled a lot at the end of the season, but this is a team I had pegged for three wins all season. The only good team Boston College beat this season was Wake Forest. I like how well Maryland runs the ball, and I think the Terrapins will control the ball well enough for a win here.   Maryland 28, Boston College 20 

Gregg:  Maryland playing Boston College, in Detroit.  Could they not just find a way to play this game in Foxboro or something.  Maybe that way more than 12,000 people will show up for this one.  The Terps started the season strong going 4-0, but only managed a 3-6 record in the conference.  Those wins were against Purdue, MSU and Rutgers who combined for 2 conference wins.  On the other side, BC doesn't have much of an offense so this should be a low scoring game. Historically, Boston College won seven of nine in this series when the two were booth in the ACC from 2005 to 2014. For this game,I will go with Big Ten in a close one.   Maryland 20  Boston College 17

Josh:  This match up features a former ACC members and should make for an interesting storyline going into the game. Maryland was undefeated in non-conference play, and has a decent offensive game plan under DJ Durkin. I think The speed of Maryland will be the factor in this game and cause Boston College some fits.   Maryland 31 - Boston College 21 

Dr. Mark:  Maryland 21-10

PJSBuck:  For those who LOVE watching college football, this is likely to be a "good" game.  I expect Maryland to prevail by 10.

Pia Pete:  Boston College 

Coach Rick:  Maryland

Steven:  Boston College by 5 

Vaughn:   Maryland defeats Boston College 14-10 in an offensive explosion.

​Final Score:  Boston College 36   Maryland 30
                       (7-6)                      (6-7)
Holiday Bowl
Minnesota  vs.  Washington State
(Favorite: Washington State - 10 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Washington State - Not sure where Minnesota's collective heads will be in this one.

Cory:  Had Washington State been able to pull an upset in the Apple Cup and beat Washington, the Cougars would've played in the PAC 12 title game. Yes, the Cougars fell short but this is still a very good football team with an excellent quarterback in Luke Falk. Minnesota finished 8-4, but only two of those wins came over bowl-eligible teams. Record-wise this looks like an even matchup, but the Cougars are heavy favorites. I doubt the Gophers will be able to keep up with Washington State.  Washington State 35, Minnesota 17 
Gregg:  If things were normal for this game I would have probably picked the Cougars. With all that is going on right now for the Gophers, they will stand even less of a chance.  Assuming they field enough to play the game, expect the Cougars to win big.   Washington State 38  Minnesota 6
Josh:  Minnesota is one of those teams who has a better record than they probably be are. The same argument could be said about Washington State who lost the most important games for them this season. I think this ai-raid offense will be too much for the Gophers and the Cougars gets the win in this one.  Washington State 42 - Minnesota 17

Dr. Mark:  WSU 40-27

PJSBuck:  ANOTHER good game to watch - but I love the bowl games anyway. I am not being a homer but I expect Minnesota to win. I think this will be close however.    Gophers by 3. 

Pia Pete:  Washington State 

Coach Rick:  Minnesota  

Steven:  Unless the University of Minnesota gets their act together, this could be a huge embarrassment both on and off the gridiron. Even at full strength, the Gophers would be hard pressed to contain Mike Leach’s high power offense. With 10 Gopher players suspended, and the rest of the team threatening a boycott, the bowl may be forced to get a fall back team to face the Cougars. No score prediction here… not even sure if the game will be played. Cougars should win if a game is played. 
​Vaughn:  Minnesota cannot defend Washington State's passing game and goes down 34-17.

​Final Score:  Minnesota 17   Washington State 12
                 (9-4)                      (8-5)
Music City Bowl
Nebraska  vs.  (21)Tennessee
(Favorite: Tennessee - 4 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Tennessee - I've been saying for most of the year that Nebraska was pretty much a fraud. Definitely hope I am wrong on this one as I really don't like Tennessee.

Cory:  I get the feeling not many people are talking about the Nebraska-Tennessee game, but it has the potential to be a very good game. Both teams were, at one point, ranked in the top 10. Tennessee eventually fell victim to its incredibly difficult schedule. Nebraska's three losses all came to the three toughest games on the schedule (Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Iowa). Tennessee ended the season with an embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt. In the middle of the season I would've called this a Tennessee win without a second thought, but since their three-game losing streak, nothing the Volunteers has done has impressed me.  Nebraska 31, Tennessee 14 

Gregg:  xxxxx 

Josh:  I don't like picking against the Big Ten this many times, and I think Nebraska is a decent team, but their losses besides the Wisconsin game have been ugly and without Armstrong, this game will be a win for the SEC East, which was garbage this year. Tennessee pounces on a pedestrian Nebraska offense.   Tennessee 35 - Nebraska 14

Dr. Mark: Nebraska – Hope to get a big ten win here 28-24 

PJSBuck:  Cornhuskers by 7 in an excellent game 

Pia Pete:  Huskers 

Coach Rick:  Nebraska 

Steven:  You could say both of these teams had “disappointing” seasons coming up short of winning their divisions. The early season love for the Vols was misplaced and as we all can see now, the SEC East was a complete dumpster fire this year. If Tommy Armstrong is healthy, and he should be with a month off, the Huskers should be able to score.    Nebraska 38-21 

Vaughn:   Nebraska lays the wood to Tennessee 42-17.

Final  Score: Nebraska ??   Tennessee ??
                   (9-3)                  (8-4)
Pinstripe Bowl
Northwestern  vs.  (23)Pittsburgh
(Favorite: Pittsburgh  - 5 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Pittsburgh - Tempted to take Northwestern here; this one should be close.

Cory:  This will be a very interesting game to watch. Northwestern improved dramatically over the course of the season. The Wildcats went from losing consecutive games to Western Michigan and Illinois State to open the season, to beating Iowa and Michigan State, and playing both Ohio State and Wisconsin very tough. Pitt has been strong all season. The Panthers handed Clemson its only loss of the regular season, and the Panthers' four losses all came to bowl-eligible teams. I'll be rooting for Northwestern, but it feels like the Wildcats will be overmatched in this game.   Pitt 45, Northwestern 17 
Gregg:  xxxxx 

Josh:  Talk about a game that will be a defensive slugfest. The Panthers have a great run game while the Wildcats have an all-Big Ten receiver in Carr. I think this one will be a low scoring affair with Pitt coming off on top with a last second field goal.   Pitt 24 - Northwestern 21 

Dr. Mark: Northwestern 35-27

PJSBuck:  Northwestern by 3 

Pia Pete:  Pittsburgh 

Coach Rick:  Pittsburgh 

Steven:  Pitt is bad. Northwestern ain’t much better. At least the Panthers have been able to rise up and come away with a couple of upsets. They won’t need to have their “A” game to beat the Wildcats. “B+” will do just fine.  itt is bad. Northwestern ain’t much better. At least the Panthers have been able to rise up and come away with a couple of upsets. They won’t need to have their “A” game to beat the Wildcats. “B+” will do just fine.    Pitt 24-19  
Vaughn:  Northwestern upsets Pittsburgh 27-24.

​Final Score:  Northwestern 31   Pittsburgh 24
                       (7-6)                    (8-5)
Orange Bowl
(6)Michigan  @  (11)Florida State
(Favorite: Michigan  - 7 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Michigan - I think this one will be close, with Michigan's defense being the deciding factor.

Cory:  Having watched Michigan a couple of times this season, including the Ohio State game, there is no doubt in my mind the Wolverines are one of top four teams in the nation. Their defense is amazing and loaded with NFL talent. If I'm a Michigan fan I wouldn't be too fond of Wilton Speight, but he gets the job done. God help us all if Michigan manages to find an upgrade at the quarterback position next season. Florida State is a good team and has some talent, but quarterback Deondre Francois still makes too many bad decisions, and the Seminoles rely too much on running back Dalvin Cook. I wouldn't be surprised in Michigan wins this one in the first half.   Michigan 42, Florida State 20 

Gregg:  xxxxx 
Josh:  Despite the rumors of Harbaugh going to the Rams, both teams will be focused. I think there was an argument for the Wolverines if they committee was looking at the 4 best teams, but the two losses is what did them in. Florida State is all Dalvin Cook, and their QB is going to be sacked at least 4 times against the powerful D-line of Michigan. Not even close as Michigan makes a statement.   Michigan 42 - Florida State 17 

Dr. Mark: Michigan 27-24

PJSBuck:  TBGUN by 14+ as they are out to make a statement 

Pia Pete:  Florida State 

Coach Rick:  Michigan 

Steven:  As long as Wilton Speight and the UM offense don’t turn the ball over, the Wolverines can hang with anyone. The Seminoles can pound the run and may be able to wear down the Wolverine defense by the second half. This one could go to OT, but I’ll go out on a limb and say UM wins it in regulation to save themselves the embarrassment of folding in OT.    UM 29-27 
Vaughn:  Michigan slows down FSU and upsets the Seminole 27-20.

​Final Score:  Michigan ??   Florida State ??
                (10-2)                 (9-3)
 Semi-finals: Peach Bowl
(1)Alabama  vs.  (4)Washington
(Favorite: Alabama  - 15 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Alabama - spread seems a bit high, although Bama seems to cover the Vegas line about every game. But Bama has to guard against the "We're unbeatable" mentality, and articles asking "Could Alabama's 2nd team win the SEC East?" I wouldn't be shocked if Bama gets upset in either the 1st or 2nd playoff game, but my head still won't let me pick them to lose.

Cory:  OK, Washington - you got your shot. Now it's time to show everybody you're worthy of being included in the playoff. A matchup with undefeated and No. 1 Alabama? Tough luck, everything from this point forward is earned. I have praised Washington quarterback Jake Browning a lot this season, but he looked bad against a good Colorado defense in the PAC 12 title game. What's that mean when he has to face arguably the nation's best defense in Alabama? I think the Huskies are a terrific team and head coach Chris Peterson has turned this program around, but they are going to be out of their element against the Crimson Tide. Alabama is not without its flaws - the Crimson Tide rely way too much on their defense to set up their offense. However, I just can't see Browning playing well enough against that defense to pull the upset.   Alabama 35, Washington 10 
Gregg:  xxxxx 
Josh:  Washington, you had a great season, but I am sorry that your playoffs ended just as soon as they began. Alabama is a well oiled machine on both sides of the ball, and we saw what happened to Washington when they faced a relentless rush from the opposing defense. Browning tries to make it close, but Alabama and Hurts seals it with two fourth quarter touchdown drives.   Alabama 38 - Washington 24 

Dr. Mark:  Bama 40 -20

PJSBuck:  Close the first half then Bama pulls away and wins by 14 

Pia Pete:  Alabama

Coach Rick:  Alabama 

Steven:  Washington’s only hope is to control the clock. Certainly, Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is not the second coming of Joe Willie Namath, and the Crimson Tide offense is not unstoppable. Even so, keeping them off the field will do wonders for the Huskies chances of winning. Alabama’s defense, and especially their defensive line, (which could be the best in the nation), will have a lot to do with whether Washington can see any success on the offensive side of the ball. On paper this one looks to be a complete domination by Alabama, but things don’t always go the way you think they should. You can’t pick the upset, but Washington won’t go quietly. It will be closer than many expect.   Tide 28-24

​Vaughn Alabama intimidates Washington to a 35-10 victory.

​Final Score:  Alabama ??   Washington ??
                (13-0)               (12-1)
Semi-finals: Fiesta Bowl 
(2)Clemson  vs.  (3)Ohio State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 3 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State - I really think this game could go either way and will go down to the last drive of the game. The two teams have similar personalities, as they crank it up when their backs are against the wall. I think Dabo Swinney is the most underrated coach in CFB, but I'm not going against Urban. Bucks win a thriller

Cory:  This is the game I didn't want to predict. I'm excited and frightened by this matchup at the same time. A rematch of the 2015 Sugar Bowl. A playoff game. A shot to play in the national championship game. Clemson has been playing with fire all season, yet the Tigers were only burned once in a loss to Pitt. Two-time Heisman finalist DeShaun Watson leads a dangerous Clemson offense, and it will be fun to see how well they match up against Ohio State's defense. As for the Buckeyes, the major concern is the offense. The line and the receivers have been too inconsistent recently and it does not inspire much confidence in Ohio State. When Ohio State made the playoff run two years ago the offensive line was impenetrable by the end of the season and the receivers made plays for Cardale Jones. I cannot say the same thing this year. Yes, the Buckeyes defense is terrific and that will keep them in the game, but ultimately I doubt Ohio State can score enough points to hang with the Tigers.  Clemson 38, Ohio State 28 

Dave:  xxxxx 

Gregg:  This is  
Josh:  This is probably the best bowl match up in terms of coaching, quarterbacks, and teams that have been inconsistent all year. Are we going to get the Buckeyes who dominated in Norman? or the Buckeyes who struggled to put Northwestern away. Also, what about Clemson? Will this be a Deshaun Watson who passed for 6 TD's against South Carolina, or a Watson who had costly turnovers that almost cost them the NC State game. I think both teams will be ready, but I like our secondary against the WR's for Clemson and our defense will be the difference in this game. Weber also will run for over 100 in this one.     Buckeyes 35 - Clemson 31  

Dr. Mark:  OSU 38-35  

PJSBuck:  Depends on which offense shows up for OSU.  I am a homer so I will go with Buckeyes by 3, perhaps even in OT. I think our DEFENSE will play lights-out to give Luke a great send off to UC. Is it too much to hope that we will get a new OC in addition to the new DC????? 

Pia Pete:  Clemson

Coach Rick:  Ohio State 

Steven:  Experience vs. Talent… Coming into the year, Ohio State was the youngest team in terms of experience on the field. Their saving grace has been the steady hand of JT Barrett. As frustrating as he can be at times when he holds on to the ball too long, taking bad sacks or just letting his accuracy slip, Barrett has led this team. He is a tremendous leader and countless times has put this team on his back and by sheer force of will won games. Clemson has a similar leader in Deshaun Watson. Watson is an incredible talent and will test our secondary. In the end, I say experience wins. Not the experience OSU came into the season with, but the experience gained by this season. Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Nebraska, PSU and Michigan… I’d take that over FSU, Pitt, Auburn and Louisville any day. Barrett comes out a different man and Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel provide the fireworks. The D intercepts Watson for at least one Pick 6.   OSU 30-24

​Vaughn:  Ohio State edges Clemson 30-27.

​Final Score:  Ohio State ??   Clemson ??
                      (11-1)              (12-1)
Outback Bowl
Iowa  vs.  (17)Florida
(Favorite: Florida  - 3 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Florida - probably a game that could go either way, but I'll go with the more talented team. Hope I am wrong.

Cory:  If you have housework to do, I'd recommend getting it done during this game so you can watch the rest of the day's games in peace. I cannot think of a more boring matchup than Iowa and Florida. Both teams struggle mightily on offense, and both teams faltered against the elite teams on their schedule. Iowa and Florida are respected programs in the football world, but the teams they've field this year will soon be forgotten. Considering the Gators are being quarterbacked by a Purdue transfer (Austin Appleby) I'll give the edge to Iowa here.   Iowa 17, Florida 10 
Gregg:  xxxxx 
Josh:  Iowa should win this game because Florida in only a defense. Florida is not even a complete team, and their Qb is a former boilermaker. Iowa can't be embarrassed two years in a row in bowl games and Ferentz wins in a close game to get his contract extended ten more years.   Iowa 31 - Florida 24 

Dr. Mark:  Florida 42-27  

PJSBuck:  Florida by 10+ 

Pia Pete:  Florida 

Coach Rick:  Florida 

Steven:  Iowa hasn’t lived up to expectations, but you know, the only thing they’re good for is putting money in Kirk Ferentz’s bank account. Even so, it is a pretty good bet that even a middle of the road team in the Big 10 West should be able to squash the SEC East champion. That’s how bad the SEC East is.   Iowa 29-14 

Vaughn:   Iowa finds a way to score once more than Florida's anemic offense and wins 10-7. 

​Final Score:  Iowa ??   Florida ??
                   (8-4)         (8-4)
Cotton Bowl
(8)Wisconsin  vs.  (15)Western Michigan
(Favorite: Wisconsin  - 7 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Wisconsin - Is Wisconsin disappointed to be where they are? That is the fear, but I think they will be motivated and this one and take care of business.

Cory:  I cannot wait to watch Wisconsin and Western Michigan play. The Broncos have a chance to finish the season undefeated, and a win over Wisconsin would be the feather in their cap. Wisconsin is not a team you want to mess with. The Badgers' three losses this season all came to teams that had legitimate playoff claims (Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State), so we know this is a quality football team. Western Michigan's schedule wasn't exactly difficult, however, the Broncos do have five wins over bowl-eligible teams, as well as wins over two Big Ten teams (Northwestern and Illinois). I love rooting for the underdog, and will do so for the Broncos in this game. That said, Wisconsin is better than any other team Western Michigan has seen all season, and I expect the Badgers to prevail.   Wisconsin 24, Western Michigan 21 

Gregg:  xxxxx 
Josh:  Western Michigan might have more Big Ten wins than Michigan State, but they have not played an opponent like Wisconsin. I am sure they are looking to avenge their loss to Penn State for the Big Ten title with a big win for Clement. I expect the badgers to control the game clock and play keep away to win a comfortable game.   Wisconsin 24 - Western Michigan 7 

Dr. Mark:  Wisconsin by 25 over W Mich  

PJSBuck:  Badgers by 10 

Pia Pete:  Wisconsin 

Coach Rick:  Wisconsin 

Steven:  Western Michigan will row their boat all the way down to Dallas where it shall run aground, bumping into an angry Badger.  Wisky runs all over the Broncos 44-21. 
Vaughn:  Wisconsin turns Western Michigan's Cinderella season into a pumpkin and wins 27-14. 

​Final Score:  Wisconsin ??   Western Michigan ??
                (10-3)                      (13-0)
Rose Bowl
(5)Penn State  vs.  (9)USC
(Favorite: USC  - 6 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: USC - I think the layoff will be the thing that finally cools Penn State down. And I think Penn State thinks they probably deserve better. Not a good recipe for the Nits. I think USC wins this one handidly.

Cory:  It is amazing how far Penn State has come. After losing to Pitt and struggling in a win over Temple, there were calls from some fans to fire head coach James Franklin. Penn State ended the regular season on a nine-game winning streak, including a comeback win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship game. Likewise, it is amazing how far USC has come. The Trojans got blown out by Alabama in the opener, 52-6, and then lost two of its next three games. The Trojans then went on an eight-game winning streak to finish the season. What I like about USC is the balanced offense the Trojans have. Running back Ronald Jones is a great all-around back, quarterback Sam Darnold had two or more touchdowns in each game of that eight-game winning streak, and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is a future first-round draft pick. The Trojans do a great job of spreading the ball around, as well. Penn State is a good story, but USC is a much more balanced team than Wisconsin.   USC 31, Penn State 24 
Gregg:  Both of these teams had a rough start.  USC was 1-3 in September (as I predicted in our pre-season Podcast). Penn State lost to Pitt and got blown out by Michigan 
Josh:  Penn State, I am sorry. You had a good season and congrats on making it to this point, but playing USC in Pasadena is no tall task. USC is arguably the hottest team in the country and finally has their offense working. Penn State has a decent defense, but their biggest win is based on bad coverage and bad plays. Their lightning wont strike twice.   USC 45 - Penn State 31 

Dr. Mark:  USC 33-28

PJSBuck:  Should be a great game to watch. USC has the hot hand and I can't stand Penn State.  Trojans by 13 

Pia Pete:  USC

Coach Rick:  Penn State 

Steven:  Outside of the OSU-Clemson tilt, this is probably the most interesting game to B1G fans, and should garner a lot of attention nationally as well. It could very well set the stage for who is in the top 10 next year. These teams are arguably playing the best ball now, and save some bad early season losses, would have been easy picks for the College Playoff. The Nittany Lions are so well balanced between Saquon Barkley and Todd McSorley it will be tough for the Trojans to key on stopping either. I like PSU on the road 38-33.
Vaughn:  Penn State rides the momentum of making the Rose Bowl and upsets USC 34-27. 

​Final Score:  USC ??   Penn State ??
                 (9-3)          (11-2)
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
0 - 0
​0 - 0
0 - 0

​Josh Watson
Brent Baver ***
Gregg Watson **
Rick DeSutter ***
Vaughn Broadnax
Cory Steger
Pete Quint *
Steve Smith
Pat Steger
​Mark Triffon
Guest Buckeye: Our web site continues to show that former players are still in touch with the college game, and was our honor to have Vaughn Broadnax prove that each week this season with his great analysis.  Vaughn is back again with his bowl predictions.