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2016 Weekly Picks
Week 12
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Rick DeSutter

2016 Predictions

* Buckeye 50 Picks Champion
 (2)Ohio State  @  Michigan State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 22 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Ohio State - As of Tuesday, the weather forecast in East Lansing looking a bit nasty. Sparty may be rejuvenated after the Rutgers beatdown. But, gotta think Urban will have his boys ready this time. Hard to pick a score right now not knowing what the weather will do....but I will predict an Ohio State win, but not by the 3 TDs-plus that Vegas is calling for. 

Cory:  It's been a nightmare season for Michigan State, as the Spartans suffered through a seven-game losing streak before beating Rutgers 49-0 last week. However, mercy will be the last thing on the Buckeyes' minds this week as they look to avenge their only loss from last season. Urban Meyer will downplay it in the media, but behind closed doors he is going to constantly remind the Buckeyes of what Michigan State did to them last season. This is the last game before Buckeyes and Michigan face off, so Meyer will want to use this game as a springboard into next week as well. I can see Meyer and the Buckeyes pulling out all the stops, and running it up big on the hapless Spartans. I expect a big day on the ground from Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel.   Ohio State 45, Michigan State 17

Dave:  Ohio State 32 - Michigan State 17 

Gregg:  Ohio State should have been looking forward to this game all year.  The Spartans have stopped the Buckeyes from playing in the championship game two of the last three years. Unfortunately, MSU has not held up their end of the bargain this season, coming into this game with a 3-7 record and only one conference win.  On top of that, the weather forecast looks to favor MSU. The fear with poor weather is that the OSU coaching staff will play conservative and keep the game closer than it should be. Like everyone on our Buckeye 50 staff, I think the Buckeyes will win this game but if you re betting, take Sparty and the points.   Ohio State 31  Michigan State 17

Jason:  The Buckeyes are coming off yet another complete beat down, and the nation is taking notice as the Buckeyes have risen to #2 in the college football playoff rankings after last week’s upsets. With the Michigan loss, a chance at a Big Ten Championship is slim, however, as it looks, the chance at a playoff appearance rides on this week’s game in East Lansing, and next week’s rivalry game. The Spartans are having a rare down year under Mark Dantonio, but showed a little life last week, albeit against Rutgers, but still rolled to their first conference win of the season. They have nothing left to play for but pride and that’s exactly what they’ll lean on in this one. They will certainly have confidence in their ability to pull the upset due to their recent success against the Buckeyes. This one however, may have the largest talent gap between the programs since Dantonio took over. Michigan State is better than it’s looked, and will bring pressure and it will be on the resurgent offensive line of Ohio State to keep J.T. Barrett protected. The biggest problem with the Spartans has been an inconsistent offense and poor quarterback play. With the injuries continuing to mount, this may be an entire mismatch and they are facing a Buckeye team playing with a lot of momentum and confidence. If Michigan State can employ ball control and win the battle at the line of scrimmage, they could slug it out for 4 quarters and have a chance. The problem is, can they slow down Ohio State’s high powered offense? Not likely. Look for a back and forth game early, but Ohio State will wear down Michigan State in a revenge game of sorts and pull away in the 3rd quarter and win by a comfortable margin, setting up the showdown in Columbus next week.   Ohio State 45  Michigan State 14

Joe-S-U:  Ohio State over Michigan State - Anybody for 62-3 for the third straight week? I still don't think an 11-1 OSU team is gonna get left out of the playoff regardless of what Penn State does, but style points are certainly gonna matter. I have no clue what's going on internally up in East Lansing (Dantonio hasn't all of a sudden forgotten how to coach), but it's none of our concern. Kick their butt and get out of Dodge 

John:  This game is interesting, not so much for the outcome (I think the Bucks win by at least two scores) but for the impact it will have on the playoff rankings. I’m starting to think that the basketball folks have the right idea – just release the bracket and be done with it. These “interim” rankings only serve to muddy the water. Two years ago, going into the last week of the season, TCU was ranked third, I believe, won their last game and dropped out of the playoff in favor if B1G champ Ohio State. OSU validated their ranking by winning the championship, but one fact used in dropping TCU was that they didn’t win the Big XII. This year OSU is currently ranked #2, and assuming both win this week, plays #3 Michigan next week. However, due to Michigan spitting the bit last week, it is unlikely the Bucks get to play for the B1G title. If OSU wins out, it will be interesting to see how the committee justifies hpw the team ranked second in the next to last poll magically became the fifth best team without playing in the championship week of the season. Back to the matter at hand, however.   Ohio State 35 Michigan State 21 

Josh:  Here is my ideal world. Michigan State finished 4-8 this year, getting their 8th loss this week to us, and then their 4th win in Happy Valley on the 26th. Will it happen? Maybe, but unlikely. Ohio State though is playing to impress and needs to make sure they pass the eye test, and make sure they are one of the top 4 teams at the end of conference championship week. Barrett will pick apart the secondary and continue to enforce our passing game. Weber and Samuel will eat the yardage on the ground and our defense will shut down the Sparty offense. Ohio State wins this one big, and heads into "The Game" at 10-1.   Ohio State 50 - Michigan State 10 

PJSBuck:  THIS IS A TRAP GAME! On paper, there is no reason we shouldn't have an easy day and run up at least 50 points Saturday. BUT, does this sound right against a MSU/Dantonio team?? We should prepare for this as if it were a playoff game. Urban Meyer basically said MSU's performance is due to them re-stocking at most positions this year, but that seems strange to me there would be this much fall off. MSU is 3-7, 1-6 but I still sense danger. At this point, Urban is trying hard to keep the focus on this week, then next week. I think we will see everything we need to know Saturday in the first 10 minutes. So, I predict a close first half but we pull away second half. Final score; Ohio State 45 MSU 17. 

Pia Pete:  What was once the highlight game of the season is now sadly just another road block for the Buckeyes. OSU still needs to win big.   Bucks 35 – Sparty 13 

Coach Rick:  This is going to be a hard game to pick. There is to be bad weather heading into the area for the game, this will play a big part in the game. The 2nd unknown is how much confidence did MSU get with their big win last week? Last week could be the spark they need to salvage the season. If I was a betting man I would take MSU with the points, but have OSU winning by 17

Steven:  A thorn in the side. A rock in the shoe. A monkey in the wrench. That’s Dantonio in a nutshell. Even so, this year is different. Sparty is truly rebuilding, while the Bucks have reloaded. No doubt the game will be hard fought, and may be closer than we’d like, but unless the Bucks pull a special teams meltdown like we saw at Penn State, we should pull away in the second half. It will be closer than it should be, but isn’t that always the way with Michigan State? OSU grinds out a win on the road. Weber and Samuel continue to shine.    OSU 31-17 

Trout:  Sparty will attack the Buckeyes with everything they have. They know their season mean nothing at this point, and the only thing they can do is play spoiler. However, the Buckeyes are far and away the better team. Sparty will be a challenge for the Buckeyes early, but once they settle down and focus, Ohio State should be able to pull away and win very convincingly. Sparty does not have the defense strength or the offensive power to handle the Buckeyes for all four quarters. In the end. Buckeyes win and continue their playoff hopes.  (Ohio State, 42-10) 

Vaughn:  The Spartans have been a difficult win for Urban Meyer since he has arrived at OSU. It's inexplicable trying to figure out why OSU seems to have "sphincter shrinkage" against Danton Iowa. Is it the fact that many of their players either weren't recruited by OSU and wanted to be, or does Dantonio have some magic dust that confounds our offensive coordinators. Hopefully Urban has found an anecdote for MSU game anemia. I will the Buckeyes a 28-24 victory over the Spartans in East Lansing. 

​Final Score:  Ohio State 17   Michigan State 16
                 (10-1)                   (3-8)
Here are the Buckeye50 Week 12 Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
47 - 13
47 - 13
45 - 15
45 - 15
44 - 16
43 - 17
43 - 17
43 - 17
43 - 17
42 - 18
42 - 18
40 - 20
36 - 19
36 - 24
35 - 10




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Dave Culver
Brent Baver ***
Gregg Watson **
Jason Harris
Joe Hylton *
Stefan Armintrout
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Rick DeSutter ***
Vaughn Broadnax
John Siebert *
Pete Quint *
Mark Triffon
Steven Smith
Pat Steger
 (6)Louisville  @  Houston
(Favorite: Louisville  - 21 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Houston - Why not? I've picked these games too conservatively all year and I think Herman will have his boys sky high for this big one....Herman seems to thrive in the big ones.

Cory:  This game may not be getting the national attention that it would have four weeks ago when Houston was still an undefeated, however, it still has big implications. Louisville may be on the outside of the college football playoff looking in right, but a big win at Houston can swing the momentum in the Cardinals direction. Louisville won 44-12 last week over Wake Forest, but the game was closer than the score indicates. The big draw of this game is obviously going to be the quarterback matchup - Lamar Jackson versus Greg Ward Jr. Ward is a much more accurate passer, but Jackson is the better runner. The question then is, can Houston keep up with Louisville? I think the answer is, "No." The Cougars only put up 30 points on a three-win Tulane team last week, and haven't hit the 40-point mark since their loss to Navy. Look for Louisville to outscore Houston.   Louisville 45, Houston 35

Dave:  Houston 34 - Louisville 28

Gregg:  This game is not as big as it could have been this season but is still important. Both teams need help to get to their respective conference championships, but it is not likely they will get the help they need.  Louisville is getting a lot of talk in the media that they should have been ranked 4th in this week's playoff poll. But I think Herman will have this team ready and use the victory over the Cards to help erase the two losses this year.  If they can win they will be the only team in the country this year to beat two top five teams.  I think the ACC has been overrated all year and last week was just a picture of that as 3 of the top 4 teams lost.  But just to hedge my bet I will keep Lamar Jackson in my fantasy starting line-up in case he just goes off!   Houston 31 Louisville 30

Jason: Louisville is explosive but is coming off another game in which they struggled early, falling behind 12-0 to Wake Forest before exploding in the second half to blow out the Deacons. The inconsistent play and weak schedule has hurt the Cards in the eyes of the playoff committee and what once looked like an opportunity for a quality win on the road, has now become sort of ho hum after the Cougars struggles. Houston QB Greg Ward Jr. has all of a sudden fallen off the national radar but he continues to play well. Last week he threw for a pair of TD’s and ran for another in Houston’s win over Tulane. Houston will have some confidence coming into this one after defeating the Cardinals a year ago and this will be an opportunity to in some ways save their season. Louisville’s hope for a college football playoff appearance appears slim but a slip up at Houston will end those hopes. Heisman Trophy favorite Lamar Jackson was pedestrian by his standards a week ago and will need to dig back into his bag of tricks this week in order to take down an explosive Tom Herman squad. It will be the battle of the dynamic quarterbacks and which one will shine on Saturday will likely determine who wins the football game. Houston should keep things interesting deep into the ball game, but Louisville just has too many weapons and the Cards keep their slim playoff hopes alive.   Louisville 38  Houston 27

Joe-S-U:  Louisville over Houston - If I'm Tom Herman, you may not want to give the gameplan out to anyone. Louisville has everything to play for and Houston just doesn't have the mojo it did in September 

John:  Which Louisville team shows up this week? The one that stunk up the field for three quarters against Wake last week or the one that exploded in the fourth quarter to come from behind and blow out Wake? The game is at Houston, so I’m not sure I’m buying the 14 point spread. I think the Cougar’s pull off the upset on Thursday night.  Houston 45 Louisville 42 

Josh:  Louisville is in the same situation as Ohio State in the sense that they need a loss by a team that beat them in order to play in the conference championship game. With this and Kentucky being their last two games, their ACC schedule is wrapped up. I think they will stumble this week as Tom Herman will lead his team at home and pull off the upset, but this game is going to be a shoot out. In reality, this game won't have too much of an impact on Ohio State in terms of getting into the payoff because I believe they control their own destiny if they win out, but a Louisville loss would make it easier to argue for 2 Big Ten teams over 2 ACC. Greg Ward Jr makes the difference.
Houston 48 - Louisville 42. 

PJSBuck:  SHOULD be a fun entertaining game. And what self respecting Buckeye doesn't love Tom Herman?? I am saying Houston in an upset - let last Saturday continue!!!  Final score Houston 45 Louisville 42 

Pia Pete:  Houston needs to win to salvage a once promising season.   Cougars 44 – UL Cardinals 41 

Coach Rick:  This is the game of the week in my books and is a must watch for Thursday night. I think both teams will be playing their hearts out and would not be surprised if Houston were to win, but I have to go with Louisville by 10 points.  

Steven:  The Fighting Herman’s have been beset by injuries this year. None have been as impactful as QB Greg Ward’s nagging shoulder problems. Adding to this, backup QB Kyle Postma left last week’s game with an arm injury. It would be a nail in the coffin if Houston could rise up and beat Louisville, but their defense would have to play out of their minds to stop Cardinal QB (and Heisman lock) Lamar Jackson. Louisville needs any help they can get to keep in the playoff picture, so look for them to make hay while they can. Expect them to pour it on, (for what it may be worth).    Louisville 55-29 

Trout:  At the beginning of the year, I would have thought this game would be close. The Cougars looked like a clear playoff team. But after a few loses and close games, they have shown that they are beatable. On the other side, Louisville has been very impressive this year. Lamar Jackson continues to put up insane numbers. They have has some missteps and bad games, but they are clearly the better team. The game should be close at first, but Lamar Jackson will get the offense going, and Louisville will dominate the game. Houston will not have the players to keep up.  (Louisville, 49-20) 

Vaughn:  Louisville, or should I say Lamar Jackson is tearing up the ABC. How does he fair a Houston team that had lost some of its "hotness" after time to sober up. However, the Cougars play especially well at home and half of Houston will want to see the Jackson Live show. I am going to go bizzaro world and pick the upset. Houston beats Louisville. 42-35. 

​Final Score:  Houston 36   Louisville 10
                    (9-2)              (9-2)
 (22)Washington State  @  (10)Colorado
(Favorite: Colorado  - 6 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick Colorado: I guess it's time I paid Colorado some respect, which I haven't all year.

Cory:  It is absolutely crazy to see that the best teams in the PAC 12 right now are Washington State and Colorado. OK, maybe Washington and USC would have something to say about that last statement, but it is very possible the Cougars and Buffaloes could meet the conference title game, and that is crazy to think about. Since losing to Eastern Washington and Boise State to open the season, Washington State is on an eight-game winning streak. Colorado's only losses were to Michigan and USC. Washington State loves to pass the ball - quarterback Luke Falk has 3,610 passing yards already - while Colorado loves to run the ball, as evidenced by their 2,047 team rushing yards. Colorado has played a tougher schedule, and the game is in Boulder so I'll give a slight edge to the Buffaloes here.   Colorado 35, Washington State 31

Dave:  Washington State 34 - Colorado 24 

Gregg:  Colorado looked very solid against Michigan earlier in the season until they lost their quarterback and based on their record, that was not a fluke. Meanwhile the Cougars have had the best season in a long time and finds themselves in control of their own destiny. Both are big surprise teams this year but I think the only thing that keeps Washington State from winning this game is if they are looking ahead to their game next week with the Huskies.   Washington State 31  Colorado 27

Jason: Washington State, all of a sudden has plenty to play for. The Cougars, with a win and a Washington loss this week vs Arizona State, the Cougs are an Apple Cup win away from playing for a Pac 12 championship. For Colorado, they need to win to potentially represent the South and play for a Pac 12 championship so plenty on the line in this one. The key to both teams has been defense, with Colorado ranking 4th in America in pass defense. Cougar QB Luke Falk has been struggling, but the defense has carried Wazzu and allowed just 43 rush yards a week ago against UCLA and has dominated the line of scrimmage in nearly every game they have played. At the end of the day Colorado’s defense is a bit better than Washington State but this one could turn out to be a slugfest and looks like a draw on paper. In those cases, I lean toward the home team and Colorado will make just enough plays to keep the Buffs alive in the Pac 12 south.  Colorado 28   Wazzu 24

Joe-S-U:  Washington State over Colorado - Don't mean to brag, but I had these 2 playing for the Pac-12 title. I have the ticket from Vegas right here, next to my Kentucky-Mississippi State SEC ticket and my Rutgers-Purdue Big 10 wager 

John:  I’m not sure, going into the season, that many thought that either of these two would be sitting in a position to win the Pac 12 this year, let alone both of them. That’s just part of what makes college football so great. You just never know what’s going to happen on any given Saturday.    Colorado 31 Washington State 28 

Josh:  Washington State has been playing with a lot of fire, and Colorado still has a decent defense, but I don't see this one being a game. I know that Colorado has been good, but I think this loss will open it up for USC to make the second straight PAC 12 championship game. I also think that you are going to have a rematch against Washington in that game, and USC will be PAC 12 champions, and be left out of the playoff, but play in the Rose Bowl.   Washington State 42 - Colorado 24 

PJSBuck:  Ho hum game for me.   Colorado by 4 

Pia Pete:  These two teams have quietly been playing very well. The winner is in the driver’s seat for the Pac12 championship game.   Buffs 27 – Cougars 21  

Coach Rick:  This is the battle of the two divisional leaders. Washington State is on an eight game win streak since starting 0-2. I think the biggest factor is the a game is being played in Colorado, so I am going with Colorado to win by 7.

Steven:  Man, wouldn’t the Cougars kill for a do-over of the first two games of the season? Three point losses to both Eastern Washington and Boise State now look like aberrations. Since then, the Cougars have rattled off 8 wins including 3 on the road. Unfortunately, none of those wins were against a team in the top 25. The Buff’s come into this weekend sitting just outside the top ten. They have 8 wins as well, but have dropped two to the ranked teams they’ve played, (Michigan and USC). Colorado has a decent defense, but Washington State could overpower them much like the Wolverines did in September. A Cougar victory will serve to further muddy the water in the Pac-12 and diminish the conference’s chances to make it to the playoff.    Wazzou 38-24 

Trout:  This game is a toss up. Both teams are a complete surprise. Usually we find Colorado and Washington State at the bottom of the Pac-12, but both are in prime position to win their divisions and possible the Pac-12 title. Both teams are pretty evenly matched, but I might give the edge to Washington State. Their offense seems like it can score a lot of points. I see this game coming down to the wire with the Cougars doing just enough to get by the Buffaloes.  (Washington State, 28-27) 

Vaughn:  Washington State's Mike Leach has finally figured out the defense does matter as his defense is starting play very well. On the other side, Colorado has had a transformation of their team. They are also at home.   The Buffaloes win 31-21. 

​Final Score:  Colorado 38   Washington State 24
                (9-2)                    (8-3)
 (9)Oklahoma  @  (14)West Virginia
(Favorite: Oklahoma  - 3 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: West Virginia - Like Colorado....it's time I paid West Virginia some respect. I think they get it done at home against the Sooners.

Cory:  At this point it is, again, looking like the Big 12 could very well be shut out of the college football playoff. The two teams that still have an outside shot at making it are Oklahoma and West Virginia, and they meet this week in Morgantown. Neither team has played a difficult schedule, but at least Oklahoma's included games with Ohio State and Houston. West Virginia's best win came over a 5-4 Kansas State team. The only good team West Virginia played was Oklahoma State, and the Cowboys easily won 37-20. In his last four games, Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield has combined for 17 touchdowns with just two interceptions. I'm not sure this game will even be that close.   Oklahoma 42, West Virginia 28

Dave:  Oklahoma 32 - West Virginia 28 

Gregg:  This is a toss up for me. I like WVU at home but Ohio State needs the Sooners to keep winning. Baker Mayfield has played well since the September losses and he has one of the best tandem of Backs behind him.Itwill probably be a typical Big-12 defensive struggle so I will go with Oklahoma 52, West Virginia 46.

Jason: The winner of this game in Morgantown will take the driver’s seat in the Big 12 championship race. Oklahoma has been the standard bearer for the conference and this year has been no exception. After losing a couple tough games early, the Sooners have bounced back and entered the top 10 again and has momentum on their side. The Sooner offense has looked explosive led by Baker Mayfield. Add to Mayfield’s arm, the return of a healthy Samaje Perine and the suspended Joe Mixon and Oklahoma has looked unstoppable. Unfortunately for Sooner fans, their defense hasn’t lived up to the hype, allowing over 30 points per game, it’s imperative the offense score and score often. The ‘Neers have surprised most around the country but could be a product of a weak schedule to this point, having played only 1 ranked team, and got it handed to them against Oklahoma State. WVU is coming off a nice win at Texas, but were really outplayed by the Longhorns, allowing over 500 yards and throwing the ball to Texas 3 times. They will have to clean that up if they want to make this one a game. Oklahoma can take your turnover and turn it into points in a hurry. Mayfield and that Sooner offense should be just too much for an exposed Mountaineer defense to contain and Oklahoma gets out of Morgantown one week closer to another Big 12 title.   Oklahoma 51   WVU 35

Joe-S-U:  Oklahoma over West Virginia - Time for the 'Neers to sit at the adult table. Secretly rooting for W.Va, but for the Buckeyes' sake we need Boomer Sooner to lower the boom 

John:  Morgantown can be a tough venue, but since getting curb stomped by Ohio State, Oklahoma has been playing like everyone thought they would all year. I hope the maintenance crew has tested the lights in the scoreboard – don’t look for much D in this one.    Oklahoma 53 West Virginia 45 

Josh:  West Virginia still has the one loss, and with this being in West Virginia, it will make it tougher for Oklahoma to go in that environment and win, but they way they have been playing recently, it looks like it will be tough to slow them down. I have Oklahoma winning this one on the road and making the showdown with Oklahoma State that much more important as they battle for the Big 12 championship.   Oklahoma 48 - West Virginia 35 

PJSBuck:  This should be another fun game to watch.  I am going with the Sooners by 14 (at least) 

Pia Pete:  This will be a heck of a game. OU by the slimmest of margins.   OU 30 – WVU 28 

Coach Rick:  I have not been to impressed by West Virginia the past couple of weeks. Even with Oklahoma traveling, I am going with the Sooners to win by 10. 

Steven:  This one could be a heck of a shootout. It also could end up as close to a defensive battle as you get in the Big 12. WVU leads the conference in scoring defense, giving up about 20 points a game. Oklahoma is middle of the pack, giving up about 10 more a game. Even so, I think they get to Mountaineer QB Skylar Howard enough to take him out of his game. After the Buckeye drubbing, the Sooners have found their groove. QB Baker Mayfield has been solid and the running back tandem of Mixon and Perine is averaging close to 200 yards a game. The West Virginia defense will have a tough time shutting down the Sooner running game opening things up for Mayfield, who should take advantage and have a solid game.   OU wins a close one, 35-28

Trout:  I believe the Sooners will in this game, but it will be closer than most think. Both teams have been able to score a lot of points, and maintain a certain amount of dominance in the Big 12. The game will be a classic Big 12 shoot out, with both teams scoring with little resistance from the opposing defense. I give the advantage to Oklahoma, because I think they have slightly better player. Although reckless at time, Baker Mayfield is a great quarterback. He should be able to lead the sooner offense and score enough touchdowns to beat the Mountaineers. Sooners win in a close one.  (Oklahoma, 56-49) 

Vaughn:  West Virginia plays with a lot confidence at home. Oklahoma though has both of their horses in the stable. With Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon back in the fold. Hopefully, they will allow them to chew up the time clock to reduce the Mountaineers' scoring opportunities. I don't think so. I am expecting some couches to burn in Morgantown with West Virginia defeating Oklahoma 48-44. 

​Final Score:  Oklahoma ??   West Virginia ??
                (9-1)                    (3-7)
 (8)Penn State  @  Rutgers
(Favorite: Penn State  - 28 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Penn State - The Nits better not be counting their chickens before they hatch, but no way am I picking this Rutgers team against anybody.

Cory:  All of us here would love to see Rutgers upset, that's not a secret. It's just a dream, though. To say the Scarlet Knights have struggled under first year coach, and former Buckeye defensive coordinator Chris Ash, would be an understatement. Rutgers is coming off a 49-0 loss to a three-win Michigan State team, and the Scarlet Knights' only wins have come over Howard, and New Mexico. Penn State is beatable - the Nittany Lions trailed 24-21 at Indiana last week in the fourth quarter before ultimately pulling out a 45-31 win. If there's any hope from Rutgers they will need some more production from non-existent passing game. Rutgers quarterbacks have combined for a 47.3 completion percentage this season, and that just won't cut it.  Penn State 31, Rutgers 7

Dave:  Penn State 42 - Rutgers 3 

Gregg:  xxxxx

Jason: A lot of excitement in Happy Valley after the Iowa upset of Michigan last week put the Nittany Lions in reach of their first Big Ten Championship appearance and an outside shot at the college football playoff. A pair of wins, this week at Rutgers and at home against Michigan State combined with a Michigan loss at Ohio State next week and the Lions will roar all the way to Indy. While they are riding a high in State College, they are on the opposite end of the spectrum in Piscataway. It’s been a tough year for Scarlet Knight fans and its not getting better anytime soon. There isn’t much to break down about this game other than it’s a major mismatch and Penn State will get one step closer to Big Ten glory.   Penn State 41 Rutgers 10

Joe-S-U:  Penn State over Rutgers - We're seriously picking this game?  

John:  Yawn.  Penn State 49 Rutgers 7 

Josh:  Rutgers has no chance in this game. I would love for this upset to happen, but I don't see it happening. when Rutgers didn't even score against Ohio State, Michigan, and then shut out by a bottom of the barrel Michigan State team, they won't against Penn State. Another big game for Barkley, and Penn State cruises into the finale against Michigan State at home.   Penn State 35 - Rutgers 3 
PJSBuck:  Lambs to the slaughterhouse??? This will not even be fun to watch.   PSU by 35 

Pia Pete:  Rutgers is rebuilding. Penn State appears to be a real team.   PSU 27 – RU 6 

Coach Rick:  What a rough season the Rutgers has had and it will not be any different in this game.  I have Penn State winning by 31 points in this game. 

Steven:  Rutgers is dreadful. May luck be with Chris Ash this offseason because he has some serious work ahead of him. Penn State is hitting their stride and now may not have as much to atone for with their loss to Pitt. Whoever wins the B1G Championship game certainly will have a decent argument to be included in the playoffs. This week won’t hurt the Lions’ chances. What better team to rack up some style points against than the abysmal Scarlet (Pussycat Pink) Knights?    PSU rolls 45-6. 

Trout:  Penn State should roll. The Scarlet Knights are embarrassingly bad. And the Nittany Lions are determined to get into the Big Ten Championship game. Penn State will score early and often. Although the Buckeye fan in me would like to see Penn State lose, I can't see Rutgers putting up any kind of fight. The Nittany Lions win this game and gives Rutgers their fourth shut-out. (Penn State, 35-0)  

Vaughn:  Chris Ash is struggling with a team that just doesn't seem to have any pride.   Penn State beats Rutgers 45-14. 

​Final Score:  Penn State ??   Rutgers ??
                    (8-2)                (2-8)
Last Week:  Another week, another 62-3 victory for the Buckeyes. They have certainly picked a great time to get the offense working on all cylinders.  Likewise, the defense has been equally solid, not giving up a touchdown the last two games.  With the victory over Maryland,  combined with 5 teams in the top ten losing, Ohio State moved to #2 in the playoff poll this week and every indication is they WILL make the playoffs if they win each of the next two weeks. Josh and Dave are still setting the pace in our predictions standings, although 8 others are within 5 games so there is still time for some movement up the charts before the season comes to an end.  Good luck to the Buckeyes and to everyone on staff as we finish off 2016.
Guest Buckeye: Our web site continues to show that former players are still in touch with the college game, and Vaughn Broadnax proves that each week with his great analysis.
This Week: Ohio State is on the road once again as they travel north to East Lansing for a date with the Spartans. The last game the Bucks played there, JT Barrett had his best game of his career, he needs to top that Saturday.  This one is going to be closer than most people are predicting.  In the end, does Michigan State have enough?  ....  Our week starts on Thursday night as Louisville travels to Houston. This could have been a huge game or the Cougars if they had remained unbeaten on the season, now they need win just to keep their record respectable.  The Cardinals need a victory to stay in the playoff hunt  ....