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2016 Weekly Picks
Week 13
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Dave Culver

2016 Predictions

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 (3)Michigan  @  (2)Ohio State
(Favorite: Ohio State  - 6 1/2)

Lori Schmidt (97.1 the Fan):  Thanks for asking me to be part of this. It's hard to know what to expect this week when we aren't sure if quarterback Wilton Speight will play, and--if he does play--if he'll be 100 percent. John O'Korn was impressive before transferring from Houston, but Jim Harbaugh did not seem to have much faith in him last week vs. Indiana. It's possible to overstate the effect of this, though, because Michigan's offense this season has been built around the run and its committee of running backs. Still considering Ohio State is allowing an average of fewer than 120 rushing yards per game, I really can't see the Wolverines scoring a whole bunch of points. Meanwhile, the Ohio State offense should be buoyed by the fact that they're playing at home, and the winds (seemingly the team's greatest nemesis) aren't expected to exceed 10 miles per hour. No Big Ten quarterback has rushed for more than 24 yards against Michigan this season. Expect that stat to go way by the wayside.   Ohio State 21-Michigan 10

Bbaver:  'THE' pick: Ohio State - Too many pessimists that I have heard from this week; OSU talent > UM talent; Urban > Hairball; Bucks have owned the series for a decade and a half; OSU at home; mild weather expected; going against Urban in a big game? No thanks.   Ohio State 27 Michigan 17

Cory:  The game this year is almost as big as it was in 2006. The implications, are huge. The winner of Michigan-Ohio State on Saturday stands a good chance at getting into the playoff. Urban Meyer has fared well so far against Michigan, but this year's Wolverines team is much better than any he's faced before. The big question for Michigan is: Which quarterback plays? Wilton Speight's injury is to his non-throwing shoulder, and he has practiced this week. However, if he does go he'll be less than 100 percent. I believe Speight plays, but expect a heavy dose of throwback screens, mixed in with a lot of DeVeon Smith. Throwback screens have hurt Ohio State badly before, so it will be interesting to see if the Buckeyes are ready for them this week. Michigan features two of the top cornerbacks in the country, so throwing the ball will be difficult for J.T. Barrett. The difference in this game will be the three-headed monster in the running game of Barrett, Mike Weber, and Curtis Samuel. Buckeye fans might roll their eyes at the playcalling again this week, but at this point the only thing that matters is the W.   Ohio State 28, Michigan 24

Dave:  Ohio State 32 - Xichigan 25

Gregg:  For me, the fate of the Buckeyes could not be any more clear. Today they are #2 in the playoff poll. If they win, it will not matter if they play for the Big 10 championship or not. There is no one in the playoff hunt that has a chance to play a better game than OSU defeating Michigan. If those teams are not ahead of the Buckeyes now, they can't pass them, even with a conference championship win. End of story, so let's go and just enjoy this game for what it really is ... two rivals battling to the bitter end.  Sounds like the weather is not expected to be a factor which favors OSU.  Regardless of who is the signal caller for Michigan, the Buckeyes will have the better player behind center.  Urban knows how to get the team ready for big games and this is probably his biggest regular season game since coming to Columbus.  I think it will be close the the vest for the first quarter but look for Ohio State to pull away in the 2nd quarter and not look back.  Then we can all go home and cheer on Sparty!   Ohio State 31  TBGUN 13 

Jason:  The game all of Columbus, Ann Arbor and the majority of the college football world has been waiting for gets underway this Saturday in the Horseshoe. A lot on the line for the 2nd ranked Buckeyes and 3rd ranked Wolverines as this match up is essentially a playoff quarterfinal. A Michigan win, secures them a berth in Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship. A Buckeye win, and they need the Spartans to upset Penn State in Happy Valley to make the trip to Indy, but short of that, they should secure a spot in the College Football Playoff for the 2nd time in 3 years. The Buckeyes have essentially got it rolling, despite a hard fought win in what can be easily described as horrendous weather conditions last week in East Lansing. JT Barrett has thrown 7 TD passes without a pick in the last three games, and when the passing game struggled last week, he toted the rock for over 100 yards. The Buckeyes offense has become a three headed monster. In addition to Barrett, Mike Weber became only the 3rd Buckeye freshman to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark last week at Michigan State. If you can slow those two, explosive do-it-all junior Curtis Samuel is just as dangerous, with the ability to break one at any time by virtue of the run or catching the ball out of the slot. The Wolverines are coming off a struggle as well, with backup QB, John O’Korn filling in for the injured Wilson Speight, who despite reports that he has been ‘practicing’ doesn’t figure to play in this one. However, RB, De’Veon Smith carried the Wolverines a week ago, rushing for 15 yards which included 2 long TD’s late to give Michigan the win over Indiana. This will be a matchup of statistically the two best offenses and defenses in the conference and the country. There is nothing in this game that leads me to believe that it won’t be anything but a defensive struggle and Ohio Stadium will be electric. If Ohio State can grab some momentum early, the Wolverines could be in for a long afternoon. But I expect a four quarter battle with defenses ruling the day, but in the end, Ohio State just has too much athleticism on both sides of the ball, and will force O’Korn to make plays under pressure which plays into a very opportunistic defense. Ohio State pull out a tough, hard fought victory and claims another pair of gold pants.  Ohio State 24 – Michigan 13

Joe-S-U:  Ohio State over Michigan - The weather looks like it shouldn't spook the play-callers, but this is gonna be a Tresselball slugfest. I just don't see the coaching staff turning it loose. TBGUN is hampered at QB and the game's here so the Bucks get it done and then see how the chips fall. 

John:  Looking at the total body of work, I think the edge goes to Ohio State. They are the more battle tested of the two teams. UM has played almost all of their big games at home, the exception being Michigan State. OSU has played almost all of their big games on the road, the exception being Nebraska. The only game UM faced any adversity, they lost. Ohio State has won tough games in Madison and East Lansing. If this one is close in the fourth quarter that experience will make the difference.    Ohio State 31, Michigan 21 

Josh:  I am so happy that we are at this point, but also sad because this season has gone so fast. We are finally at The Game. Both teams did not play like they have been last week, and Harbaugh is playing games in trying to fool us into think Speight will play, and O'Korn did as much as we would expect from someone who has not played in a while and in the snow. I think each team will be more of themselves this week as I am sure they have been holding back, but I think the difference in this game will be JT Barrett. I think our passing game will be much better, and Barrett will make the plays to attack the tough defense of Michigan. With this week and game meaning so much, this is when we trust in Urban. I know he will have something up his sleeve for this one, and we will make a statement for the committee. Michigan might try and give us some wrinkles, but I know that we will come out on top.   Ohio State 42 - Michigan 20 

Dr. Mark:  OSU 27-17- My same concerns still remain, too many QB runs up the middle and conservative play calling - many people believe part of offense has been saved for this game- not sure I can believe it myself - receivers have to create space. 

PJSBuck:  This Game, once again (and FINALLY), is for all the marbles - as it should be and as it is written in the Bible. I fully expect Speight to start (not sure he was even REALLY hurt). Harbaugh was a sleaze when he played for TBGUN and continues to be a sleaze. I wouldn't put it past him to fake the injury just to mess with us. Anyway, conspiracy theories aside, this is one GOOD team we will face Saturday. IF, we offensively scheme and play-call like we did against MSU and Penn State, I will be watching the History Channel early. Does anyone else think our offensive coaching is a disgrace?? And while I LOVE JT, he SEEMS to be getting worse, not better = how does THAT even happen??? Urban gets the team and coaches in the right frame of mind for big games so I am going forward based on that premise. I expect a defensive struggle - just like so many past Michigan Games. Harbaugh is much more of a gunslinger but I expect even him to be cautious Saturday. Here goes: I expect a fairly low scoring game marked with a few key turnovers and big-time defensive heroics.  Prediction: Ohio State 27 TBGUN 24 in a last minute thriller. TEAR DOWN THE GOAL POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Pia Pete:  ​GO BUCKS!   OSU 31 – TBGUN 17

Coach Rick:  The game of games and this year it is going to be better than ever. There are a couple of unknowns for me in this game. Is Michigan going to get its quarterback back in the line up? Have the last couple of games both teams played results of looking ahead to this game? As if stands, I think Michigan is one sided and we have seen what happens when you put all of your eggs in one player. I have OSU winning by 17 in this game mainly for the unknown of the quarterback playing. 

Steven:  Either this one will be another nail-biter or we’ll just crush them like Gummi Bears under shiny red cleats. I much prefer the latter. I know we’ve had trouble with backup QBs in the past, (see last year’s MSU game), but this one feels different. It has to. This is The Game. If the OC who shall not be named can remember we have guys like Samuel and Weber available to us, and stop relying solely on JT, we’ll be fine. We must control the line of scrimmage on offense. I have no doubt that our d-line is up to the task on the other side. O’Korn will meet the Rushmen so much they may give him an honorary pledge pin. I like OSU big, (but then again, who doesn’t?)   Bucks 42-17 

Trout:  The big game is here. Both teams have a great chance of getting into the playoffs with a victory. This should be a good game. Although Michigan's quarterback situation is still an unknown, they are a good team. Peppers is an all around great football player, and he will most likely play his heart out in this game. While Ohio State, with Barrett, Samuel, and Weber leading the offense, has the potential to put up a lot of points. Also the defense of the Buckeyes has be stout all year. The game will be close. Although maybe not as epic as 2006, there is a chance this game comes down to the last seconds. Looking at both teams as objectively as I can, I think the Bucks have he edge. Even though they haven't look great in some games this year, when they are on their game, they are almost unbeatable. Buckeyes should win this game by a touchdown, and just about cement their place in the College Football Playoff.  (Ohio State, 38-31) 

---------------------------------- FORMER BUCKEYES ----------------------------------

Vaughn Broadnax:  There is no way I would ever pick against the Buckeyes. When it’s against the Wolverines I can even imagine losing.   Buckeyes win 35-17 

Bam Childress:  Ohio State wins by 10

James Cotton:  Ohio State 24  -  Michigan 13 ​

Cornelius Green:  Ohio State  

​Final Score:  Ohio State 30   Michigan 27  2OT
               (11-1)               (10-2)
 (5)Washington  @  (23)Washington State
(Favorite: Washington  - 6 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Washington - I will be rooting against my pick

Cory:  Washington is on the outside of the playoff looking in, and now the Huskies need a win over Washington State to get into the PAC 12 title game. That's a tall order. This Washington State team is probably the best we've seen since the Ryan Leaf years, and Cougar quarterback Luke Falk is no joke. Opposing him is Huskies quarterback Jake Browning, who has put up Heisman-quality numbers this season. The numbers between the two, are nearly identical. Browning has 37 touchdowns with seven interceptions, and Falk has 38 touchdowns with seven interceptions. Browning's QBR is much higher (180.7-153.3) but this will be an amazing duel to watch. Despite the loss to USC I believe the Huskies have what it takes to make a run at the playoff, and will escape Pullman with a close win.   Washington 42, Washington State 35

Dave:  Washington 28 - WSU 20 

Gregg:  Every team in the top half of the playoff standings will be watching this on Friday afternoon, ignoring any Black Friday deals. Especially USC sitting at #12. Washington is basically the lowest one-loss team and everyone with two losses is waiting for them to fall so they can climb the poll ladder. Coach Peterson has done a great job since going to Seattle and has the Huskies on the verge of playing for the Pac-12 championship.  Meanwhile the Cougars showed some weaknesses last week against Colorado, and I feel their ride is now over.  Expect the Huskies to show they can win on the road and they will get ready for the #4 spot in the playoff poll.   Washington 51  Washington State 40

Jason:  The Apple Cup and Pac 12 North supremacy are at stake on Saturday in Pullman, Washington as the Huskies and Cougars square off in one of college football’s fiercest rivalries. Washington will likely play in the College Football Playoff with a win in this one and one more in the Pac 12 championship, while Washington State will be looking at a Rose Bowl appearance with 2 more wins. After being brought down to reality two weeks ago, struggling at home to an upstart USC team, the Huskies got back to business last week and despite a slow start, blew Arizona State off the field. This one will be a bigger challenge for the Huskies and Chris Petersen trying to deal with Cougar star QB Luke Falk. Falk is coming off a game against Colorado, which despite a loss, threw for 325 yards and 3 TD’s. The Cougars have to come up with a defensive game plan of their own to slow Washington QB Jake Browning who continues to put up stellar numbers and is on the fringes of the Heisman conversation. I expect another hard fought battle, but in the end the Huskies just have too much and will hang on to keep their playoff chances alive.   Washington 35 – Wazzu 28

Joe-S-U:  WSU over Washington - No offense to Colorado, but the Cougs probably got caught looking ahead a bit. Wouldn't at all be surprised to see the PAC-12 make some serious noise come bowl season, they've had more pleasant surprises than any other league this season 

John:  You’ve got to love these in-state rivalry games. If Washington wins out, they will have a case to make the playoffs. It all depends on how the Big Ten plays out. If OSU wins, gets left out of the Big Ten championship, and Wisconsin beats Penn State, it will be hard to keep two Big Ten teams out of the playoff. Look for Washington to do their part this week.    Washington 28, Washington State 24 

Josh:  Washington State looked a little more pedestrian against Colorado last week, and was surprised they did not have a better offensive performance. Washington bounced back after a bad loss to USC, but this game means so much more than normal. This is for the winner of the PAC-12 North, to play in the Championship game. Who would have thought this in the beginning of the year? I think Washington will win this game because they have a decent enough defense to slow down Washington State's passing game, and try to make a push for the playoff.   Washington 48 - Washington State 38 

Dr. Mark:  Washington 31-27 - Should be a good game, but I also think Huskies could win big if they start hot. 

PJSBuck:  Should be a fun game to watch.  Washington by 10 

Pia Pete:  Cougars 24 – Huskies 19 

Coach Rick:  The game of games and this year it is going to be better than ever. There are a couple of unknowns for me in this game. Is Michigan going to get its quarterback back in the line up? Have the last couple of games both teams played results of looking ahead to this game? As if stands, I think Michigan is one sided and we have seen what happens when you put all of your eggs in one player.  I have OSU winning by 17 in this game mainly for the unknown of the quarterback playing. 

Steven:  Washington State is a very good team, despite their losses. They had Colorado on the ropes last week, and they should have the ability to come back from a tough loss. This one will be awfully close, but I like the Cougars at home. Chaos comes to the Pac-12.   WSU 38-35. 

Trout:  This should be another close game, but I think the advantage goes to the Huskies. Although Mike Leach has the Cougars playing well, Washington has shown to be one of the best teams in the PAC-12, even after their loss to USC. It will be close, with a lot of points scored. Washington should do just enough offensively to get by Washington State. Although t wont be easy, the Huskies win, and keep their playoff hopes alive.   (Washington, 42-41) 

---------------------------------- FORMER BUCKEYES ----------------------------------

Vaughn Broadnax:   Washington has had some issues when they play quality teams. However, despite Washington State’s record and Mike Leach’s offensive prowess, who have they really played? So this is a tossup for me. I am going to go with the pirate as I think he has something up his sleeve.  Washington State beats Washington in a shootout 48-45. 

Bam Childress:  Washington wins by 14

James Cotton:  Washington State wins ​

Cornelius Green:  Washington  

​Final Score:  Washington 45   Washington State 17
                (11-1)                      (8-4)
 Michigan State  @  (7)Penn State
(Favorite: Penn State  - 12 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Penn State - If the Bucks win, hard to figure out who to root for here; I would think an 11-1 OSU team that doesn't go to the B1G title game has a better chance of making the Playoff than an OSU 11-1 team that has to beat Wisconsin again.

Cory:  If there is any hope for Ohio State to still get into the Big 10 title game, the Buckeyes not only need to beat Michigan, but they also need Michigan State to go on the road an upset Penn State. The Spartans are not going bowling this year, so this week's game with Penn State is all they have. I believe the Spartans are better than their record indicates, and I'm still not completely sold on Penn State. That said, there is no chance Michigan State pulls off the upset. Spartans quarterback Tyler O'Connor seems to have regressed as the season has gone on. He throws bad interceptions, and takes too many sacks. Penn State is a team that punishes mistakes like that, so expect the Nittany Lions to roll into the Big 10 title game with a win this week.   Penn State 28, Michigan State 20

Dave:  Penn State 28 - Michigan State 20 

Gregg:  I may be alone here, but I am not in the camp of people that want the Buckeyes in the playoffs but not have to play for the B1G title. I realize the end goal is to make the playoffs and win the national championship but selfishly I want to win the conference too. In a perfect world the Buckeyes could play for both. In order to do that, they have to win and Penn State has too lose, unfortunately the only thing standing in the way of the Lions Division title is the 3-8 Spartans.  Fortunately Michigan State is better than their record and if they have any pride left, they can win.  If not, this game will not be pretty and the State of Michigan will be resting its fortunes on the Broncos.  I am going to think positive in favor of the best news for OSU and say MSU will win.  Michigan State 17  Penn State 16 (look familiar)  

Jason: Penn State can win the Big Ten East and go to the Big Ten Championship with a win and an Ohio State win over Michigan. Who would’ve imagined that a month and a half ago? Michigan State’s season is over following this ball game but is aiming to go out with a bang and claim stake to the Land Grant Trophy. When this game starts, the Lions will know what they have on the line and every Nittany Lion fan will become Ohio State fans for 3 ½ hours. If Ohio State pulls off the win, Buckeye fans will be chanting Go Green, Go White from every bar in central Ohio. Either way, the Lions will have a shot at a New Year’s six bowl with a win so a lot will be on the line in Happy Valley. The Spartans showed some signs of life a week ago, battling the second ranked Buckeyes to a narrow 1 point loss. The Spartans pose a destructive defensive front that will have to be on top of their game to slow down Penn State dynamic back Saquon Barkely who has run for over 120 yards or more in four of the last five games, with 139 against Michigan and 160 against the Buckeyes. Which Spartan team will show up? The one who struggled in losses to Maryland and Illinois, or battled both Michigan and Ohio State for four quarters. With the Michigan State passing game being virtually non-existent, expect the Nittany Lion defense to load the box and dare the Spartans to beat them through the air. Newsflash, they won’t and Penn State will control this one start to finish to complete a share of the Big Ten East Title.   Penn State 27 – Michigan State 10

Joe-S-U:  Penn State over Michigan State - Sparty unloaded all its ammo last week...sure, there'll be an uproar when OSU makes the playoff without the trip to Indy, but anyone with half a brain knows the Big 10 is the best conference out there this year so save the debate. 

John:  If Sparty has anything left in the tank I think they could pull the upset. That said, I think that the close loss on Senior Day to the Bucks will have taken too much fight out of them.    Penn State 17 Michigan St 10 

Josh:  Michigan State showed some fight last week against us, and if it wasn't for a failed 2 point conversion, we might have had an overtime game. Penn State dominated Rutgers, and if you want to compare scores, Michigan State won by more against Rutgers. I think Michigan State is still a decent team, and better than their 3-8 record. Penn State has been playing with fire since winning in overtime against Minnesota, and then knocking off Ohio State. I think they are playing with a lot of momentum, but the thing they don't have to exploit the Spartan defense is a long passing game. This will be a game on the ground between Scott and Barkley, and I think Michigan State wants to play spoiler and have something to hold on to this season. Plus I am rooting for them.   Michigan State 24 - Penn State 21 

Dr. Mark:  Spartans 28-24 - Just a feeling, nothing to back it up, not sure.  What happened to Spartans offense this year - if PSU D-line dominates then they will win. 

PJSBuck:  Now HERE will be a game to watch for many reasons. This would make Sparty's otherwise pathetic year. Dantonio looked like a beat-down man last week. I look for Sparty to do a good job of slowing PSU's running game. If so, MSU could have a chance.  I am ROOTING for Sparty in an upset by 4! 

Pia Pete:  MSU 21 – PSU 20 

Coach Rick:  This should be one of the best games this weekend. This is Michigan State's bowl game and the seniors will want to end their playing time on a high note. I have Michigan State winning this game by 17 points. You cannot coach against emotions and MSU will be on an emotional high this entire game. 

Steven:  MSU still has a bit of pride left and a bit left in the tank. LJ Scott is definitely a force in the backfield, and the Lions will have to work hard to keep him out of the end zone. Unfortunately, like last week, Sparty faces an opponent that has too much to play for. It would be great to see the upset, but Michigan State will just have too much trouble with the resurgent Penn State offense.    PSU 31-21

Trout:  If this game was in East Lansing, I think I would pick Sparty to upset the Nittany Lions. However, this game is taking place in Happy Valley. Which , Buckeye fans are well aware of how hard it is to play there I think the game will be closer than expected. Sparty is not a normal 3 win team. They have talent to keep up with teams. They were able to give both Michigan and Ohio State a game earlier in the year. Having said that, I think Penn State still wins this game. They have been playing better since their upset win, and they know what on the line for them. A win here and a win in the Big Ten Championship possibly gets them in the playoffs. They will be playing hard to make that happen. I see this being a game until the fourth quarter. Penn State finds away to out score sparty and win the game.   (Penn State, 24-21) 

---------------------------------- FORMER BUCKEYES ----------------------------------

Vaughn Broadnax:  Oh how I wish Sparty will rise this weekend and tame the Nittany Lions. Is that possible? Probably not with the effort and drive they used against OSU last Saturday. I do think they play for pride and keep it close though.   Penn State wins 24-20 over Michigan State. 

Bam Childress:  Michigan State wins by 10

James Cotton:  Michigan State wins ​

Cornelius Green:  Michigan State  

​Final Score:  Penn State 45   Michigan State 12
                  (10-2)                   (3-9)
(13)Auburn  @  (1)Alabama
(Favorite: Alabama  - 17 1/2)

Bbaver:   Pick: Alabama - I will be rooting against my pick

Cory:  I think pretty much every non-Alabama fan is rooting for Auburn this week. Will it make a difference? Unlikely. The Alabama defense this year is Nick Saban's best, and that's saying something. The Crimson Tide haven't given up a touchdown since Oct. 22 when they beat Texas A&M. They've gone 13 quarters without giving up a touchdown. At a time of the year when a lot of teams are struggling, the Crimson Tide seem to have gotten better. The Alabama offense, with quarterback Jalen Hurts, is not great as evidenced by their mediocre showing against Chattanooga last week. However, the defense is so good it more than makes up for it. It's hard to see Auburn making it a game this week.   Alabama 31, Auburn 10

Dave:  Alabama 36 - Auburn 28 

Gregg:  The SEC has been solid in the recent past but this year it is clearly the year of the Big One and Little 13.  The conference is so bad that both the East and West divisions have already been clinched going into the final week. But that 'one' is a really good team.  It has scary to think the Tide has won 4 of the past 7 championships and with this group of athletes, they may be built for the future more than any other time in Saban's tenure. To be honest, I truly think they are the best team in the country, not invincible but top to bottom the best. Auburn will stay with the Tide for about two possessions.  After that, the Tide will truly roll and the ESPN executives will start salivating.   Alabama 48  Auburn 3   

Jason:  Alabama comes into this edition of the Iron Bowl, having already clinched the SEC West and will be playing in Florida next week for the SEC title, and has all but clinched their 3rd straight appearance in the College Football Playoff even with a 1-1 record in these last two games. The Tigers are a lock to finish second in the West and a win here and a Bama win next week, will put them in the Sugar Bowl. So once again a rivalry game that matters on a national scope. This game is another one of those games where you can throw out the records. It is the most hard hitting football games of the season each and every year and this one will be no different. This one is for state bragging rights, and even if Bama goes on to win the national title, a loss in this game will sting. For Auburn to have a chance, they will have to play a flawless football game. Alabama comes in leading the nation against the run and has given up over 10 points just 3 times all season. Auburn by the way, can also play defense and they will have to be superb to contain Heisman Trophy contender, Jalen Hurts under control. After all is said and done, the Tide will once again impose its will and will pull away late for their 3rd straight Iron Bowl victory.    Alabama comes into   

Joe-S-U:  Alabama over Auburn - Geez, if Auburn thought Georgia's defense was tough to figure out....To sort of answer Gregg's inquiry, 'Bama may get challenged in the playoff. The AEE hasn't thrown up any resistance. 

John:  History tells us that some crazy things can happen in the Iron Bowl. This one is at Alabama, so I don’t think that Auburn can pull off the upset, but this one will be closer than most folks think.    Alabama 30, Auburn 27 

Josh:  Auburn has been impressive since a bad start this season, and took it to their cupcake opponent last week to give them some confidence going into this one. Saban is on a mission this year, and I have a feeling he is wanting to have his swan song, and try to finish this season on top. I think Alabama has too much talent and weapons to get swept up by Auburn. I know this is a rivalry game, but there isn't a team in the SEC that can compete with Alabama. I know they had some issues last week early, but ended up winning 31-3. I Alabama wins this one big as they prepare for Florida in Atlanta.   Alabama 35 - Auburn 14  

Dr. Mark:  Bama 38-21 - would like to bet an upset but I think Bama is too good. 

PJSBuck:  Hate SEC football.   Bama wins 

Pia Pete:  Bama 34 – Auburn 13 

Coach Rick: I would like to think  that this game should be a battle, but I have Alabama ending their regular season in a big win. Alabama has not played great the last couple of weeks, but I have them winning by 24 in this game

Steven:  In the SEC, there is Alabama and everyone else. Next up for the Tide from the “Others Receiving Votes” crowd are the Tigers. Anything less than total domination would be a surprise.    ‘Bama 42-21. 

Trout:  Although Auburn is playing better, Alabama will still win this game. Besides the Crimson Tide, the SEC is terrible this year. I see this game following the script of most of Alabama's games. Auburn will play Alabama closely for the first half, but then they will fall apart. The Tide will take advantage of their mistakes and start pulling away. Although I'd like to see the Tigers pull off the upset, I don't see it happening. Alabama wins this game comfortably, and remains undefeated.   (Alabama, 35-17)

---------------------------------- FORMER BUCKEYES ----------------------------------

Vaughn Broadnax:   I am rooting for Auburn to give Alabama fits. Unfortunately, Auburn is a little banged up. Alabama will be just out of reach with a 28-7 win over Auburn. 

Bam Childress:  Alabama wins by 16

James Cotton:  Alabama wins

Cornelius Green:  Alabama 

​Final Score:  Alabama 30   Auburn 12
                       (12-0)             (8-4)
(22)Utah  @  (9)Colorado
(Favorite: Colorado  - 10 1/2)

Bbaver:  Pick: Colorado - What a turnaround for the Buff's this year

Cory:  It is simple for Colorado: Win, and the Buffaloes get into the PAC 12 title game. Colorado is coming off an impressive win over Washington State last week, where as Utah enters the game having lost two of its last three. We know Utah is a quality program but things just haven't quite come together for the Utes this season. Colorado has a very balanced offense that relies on a workhorse running game setting up playaction passes. The running game is the strength for Colorado, but their best offensive player is receiver Shay Fields, who has eight receiving touchdowns this season. The last time Utah held an opponent under 20 points was in an Oct. 15 win over Oregon State. This is a defense that Colorado can move the ball on, so expect the Buffaloes to continue rolling with a win over Utah this week.   Colorado 35, Utah 24

Dave:  Colorado 24 - Utah 20

Gregg:  Question, as all these major schools in the college football landscape (LSU, Texas, USC, Oregon) consider getting a new head coach, are any of them looking toward Colorado for their answer?  No school as had as big of a turnaround this season than the Buffaloes. For several seasons since bolting the Big 12, they have struggled to get conference wins.This year they are the standard in the Pac 12-South.  Had it not for an injury to their QB against Michigan earlier in the the season, the may be 10-1 and looking at a playoff spot. For now tey have their work cut out for them, beginning with the Utes who are a tough out. Beyond that, they would have to beat the Washington-Washington State winner and see how other games go.  But for this week, I will give them a bruising win.  Colorado 44  Utah 38 

Jason Colorado has played itself into a shot at the Pac 12 title thanks to five-game winning. The Buff’s have only lost to Michigan and Washington State and can claim the Pac 12 south with a win over Utah. Just behind the Buffaloes are the Utes, who were firmly in contention until a tough loss at home to Oregon last week thanks to a late TD from Oregon who scored with just seconds on the clock to shock the Utah home crowd. The Utes were led by star tailback Joe Williams who rushed for 149 yards and a touchdown a week ago to go along with a defense that ranks 13th in college football, allowing just 18.5 points per game. Colorado QB Sefo Liufau was a one man show last week against Washington State, completing 27-of-41 passes for 345 yards. RB Phillip Lindsay combines with Liufau on the ground, with each eclipsing the 1,000 yard mark on the season so Utah’s challenge will be great. Colorado will just be too much for the Utes at home and roll into the Pac 12 title game with a chance to play in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s day.   Colorado 45 – Utah 28

Joe-S-U:  Colorado over Utah - Have we ever picked 2 PAC-12 games in the same week? Has there ever been 2 PAC-12 games worth picking in one week? I realize both were last week, but who woulda though USC/UCLA and Cal/Stanford wouldn't be those 2 games?  

John:  Colorado and Washington for the Pac 12 title.   Colorado 27 Utah 14 

Josh:   Utah has been silently steady this year with some close losses. They ended up losing last week to Oregon, but they should be able to compete with Colorado, who has been guided by their defense all year. I see this game being low scoring, but I think Utah is going to win this game on the road, and thus allowing USC to enter the PAC-12 Championship game to beat Washington once more.   Utah 31 - Colorado 21 

Dr. Mark:  Colorado 38-35 - been awhile since Buffaloes have been relevant but I'll pick then - Utah is usually fun to watch. 

PJSBuck:  Another really good game to watch.    I think Utah pulls this out by 3 

Pia Pete:  Buffs 27 – Utes 14 

Coach Rick:  I have these two teams evenly matched which will make this a great game.  I have to give my edge to the home team in a Colorado 3 point win 

Steven:  Coming off the big win over Washington State, the Buffaloes should keep it rolling over the Utes.    CU 38-24 

Trout:  Colorado should win this game. They are clearly the better team. Although the Utes are a decent team, I think the Buffaloes are better. Not to mention, Utah just lost to a really bad Oregon team. I think Utah will give Colorado some fits, but Colorado will be able to overcome those and get out to a comfortable lead. Colorado wins and gets into the PAC-12 Championship game.   (Colorado, 31-14) 

---------------------------------- FORMER BUCKEYES ----------------------------------

Vaughn Broadnax:  Simply put Colorado is the third best team in the Pac 12. Utah is not there yet. Colorado wins at home over Utah 28-24. 

Bam Childress:  Colorado wins by 7

James Cotton:  Colorado Wins ​

Cornelius Green:  Colorado 

​Final Score:  Colorado 27   Utah 22
                         (10-2)          (8-4)
Here are the Buckeye50 Week 13 Picks, Good Luck and Enjoy - Gregg
Last Week:  It was not pretty but any win is a good win, especially against Michigan State.  Everyone knows they are not as good as they have been the past few years, but they are certainly better than their 3-8 record.  And no Big Ten team has had more success against an Urban Meyer Buckeye squad, we take your win and get out of East Lansing.  Most important, the 17-16 victory keeps the Buckeyes in the playoff hunt and with help, they can still play in Indianapolis for the B1G title. As for our staff fun, we have two more weeks of picks and Josh and Dave still sit on top the leader board but you never know how games are going to go these final weeks.   
Guest Buckeye: Our web site continues to show that former players are still in touch with the college game, and Vaughn Broadnax proves that each week with his great analysis. Joining Vaughn this week are a few other Buckeyes, including Bam ChildressJames Cotton, and Cornelius Green.  In addition to former Buckeyes, we were also fortunate enough to have Lori Schmidt of 97.1 The Fan join us as well with her take on 'THE' game.  James Cotton's company provides resources with the intent of empowering and encouraging former members and associates of the Ohio State Football program. Be sure to visit his store at www.buckicon.com/store "Your Buckeye Gift Store for Home Decor" FREE AUTOGRAPHS AND PERSONALIZATION!! 
This Week: It is finally here, the week of 'The' Game.  As it was in 2006 and a couple of times in the 70's, the winner is still in the hunt for a National Championship. Expectations are high for this one, and it will not only be an opportunity for one of these teams to emerge as a clear playoff participant, but it has the chance to really show the nation just how good the Big Ten is this year.  Which team will Corso place on his head at 11:58 Saturday?  ....  The Apple Cup has not been much more than a rivalry game for several years. This season, the winner between Washington and Washington State goes to the Pac 12 championship game and possibly earns a rung in the playoff bracket. Which team will handle this spotlight/pressure better?  ....  Who would have predicted that we would be heading into the final week of the season and Penn State would be playing for the Big Ten East title but that is where the Nittany Lions are, a win over Michigan State and they head can go to Indianapolis if OSU wins.  Can the Spartans pull off the upset?  ....  The Iron Bowl has had some interesting finishes over the years but will Auburn be able to stay with Alabama long enough to make the last drive matter? Alabama has played at a high level more consistently than any other team in the country.  The Tigers will need to play a complete game to have a chance at the upset.  ....  Colorado is one game away from the PAC-12 championship game, win and they are in, lose and USC gets the nod.  Can the Buffaloes finish the jobs.
52 - 13
50 - 15
49 - 16
48 - 17
48 - 17
48 - 17
47 - 18
47 - 18
47 - 18
47 - 18
46 - 19
44 - 21
41 - 24
39 - 21
37 - 13
4 - 1
3 - 2
3 - 2
1 - 0



15) 16)

Dave Culver
Josh Watson
Brent Baver ***
Gregg Watson **
Jason Harris
Joe Hylton *
Stefan Armintrout
Cory Steger
Rick DeSutter ***
Vaughn Broadnax
John Siebert *
Pete Quint *
Steve Smith
Mark Triffon
Pat Steger
Bam Childress
James Cotton
Cornelius Green
Lori Schmidt